Beauty Pampering and Face Masks available
    Feel good about treating yourself to a Spa or Pamper this Summer
    All types of Beauty Pampering available
    Care for your body by treating yourself to a Funky Fish spa
    Exotic Ingredients are used in our therapies to ensure you get the most out of your Spa
    Hot Stone relaxing massages to sooth your mind and body
    Feel Physically and Mentally revitalised


    Mini Treat – Cuticle work, Nail shape, Paint, Foot massage £13.00
    Maxi Treat – Cuticle work, Nail shape, Paint, Exfoliate, Full leg/foot massage £17.50
    (Paint can be any thing from full colour to French paint. ‘Trendy’ nail art is £7.50 extra, adding on 20 mins extra time)
    Mini Treat – Cuticles, File, Paint, Mini hand massage £13.00
    Maxi Treat – Cuticles, File, Paint, Exfoliate, Full arm/hand massage £17.50
    Nail Treatments
    French Polish £10.00
    Varnish £6.50
    Minx Nail Wraps £17.00
    Shellac £16.00
    (Rhinestones are available for nails at an extra cost of £1.50 for 5 stones)
    Acrylic Nails
    Full set of Acrylics £27
    Infill 2 weeks (45 mins) 2 nails free £19.50
    Re-balance 3 weeks 2 nails free £21.00
    Full set of Overlays £25.00
    Nail re-pair each Nail £4.00
    Soak off £15.00
    Gel Nails £35.00
    Twinkle Toes £25.00
    Gel Toes £20.00
    Glitter Shellac £20.00
    Eyebrow £6.50
    Lip & Chin £7
    Underarm £8.50
    Forearm £11.00
    Full leg £21
    Half leg £11
    Standard Bikini Wax £11.50
    Full Brazilian Wax £21
    Waxing For Men
    Chest £17.50
    Back £17.50
    (Other waxing treatments are available on request)
    Tinting Eye Treatments
    24 hour patch test is required prior to any tinting treatment Eyelash tint £9
    Eyebrow tint £7.50
    Eyelash & Eyebrow tint £15.00
    Eye Treatments
    Eyebrow shaping (Tweezers) £5.00
    Individual False Eyelashes £25.00
    Body Massage Treatments
    Full Body £35.00
    Back, Neck & Shoulders £18.50
    Dermalogica Facials
    Mini facials – Cleanse, Exfoliate, Masque and moisturise £17.50
    Maxi facials – Cleanse Exfoliate, Massage, Masque and moisturise £25.50
    Full Body Spray Tan £16
    Upper Body Spray Tan £8
    Lower Body Spray Tan £8
    Bridal Packages
     Hot Stone Therapy (the ancient art of strategically placing hot stones to the body during massage)
     Full Body Therapy  £40.00
     Back, Neck & Shoulders Therapy  £25.00
     Face Therapy (including Application of Dermalogica Products)  £27.50
     30 Minutes Customer Specified Area Therapy  £20.00